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EspacioProfundo is a return to the Shoot 'Em Up formula of classic recreational games like Gradius or Nemesis, in which we must face infinity of enemies in a hell of bullets to get to the end of each level.

Unlike the two games mentioned above, in EspacioProfundo we will move vertically and the mechanics of advancement by levels will be replaced by a system of hordes of enemies that we must exterminate to be able to move to the next.

In our crusade against this race of alien invaders who try to kill humanity we will have to face a variety of enemies, each with its own pattern of movements and personal weaponry, which will test even the most experienced players in this type of games. But we will not be alone in this fight, since we will also be able to make use of an arsenal composed by a great amount of powerups that will help us to improve and to power our small spacecraft.

EspacioProfundo will make us enjoy this genre almost never forgotten thanks to its polished mechanical and precise controls. Embark on a suicide mission in which you and your ship are the only thing that stands in the face of the total extinction of human existence.

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